A Journey to Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires

A Journey to Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires Prague is one of the oldest cities in the world with accounts suggesting that the city was
founded in the Paleolithic age. It is considered the zenith of the Holy Roman Empire and a
center of education as the first modern universities were built here. Over the course of
time, scores of civilizations came and built the city. The city grew in size and spanned
the area covering the Prague castle to Vyšehrad. Europe is home to scores of historical
cities in the world, which are revered by tourists for various reasons. Some of the cities
are famous because of the ancient civilizations, which built them while others are
famous for their archaeological, artistic and philosophical influences.

Traveling through Prague, Restaurants, Food and Shopping Malls

In modern days, it is the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the most famous
cities in Central Europe. It is also one of the highly visited cities in the world. Prague is
the 5th most visited city owing to the historic significance of the city. We were traveling
through Europe in the early months of last year and Prague was one of the cities on
our checklist. We reached here in the month of April when the weather is amazing and
stayed at a hotel near the Prague Complex.
We had reached here at night so we went to eat at a local restaurant. The food here has
a unique taste and some of the most delicious dishes in the world are found here. There
is a variety of restaurants all over the city and the essence of Europe can be found here.
We also went shopping in the Palladium shopping center in the city, which attracts a
huge number of tourists. The city is stuffed with huge shopping malls colored in the
fashion of the city. Also, know more about the top 3 Montenegro attractions you must see here.

City of a Hundred Spires and the Kingdom of Bohemia

The capital city of the Czech Republic is also known as the city of hundred spires owing
to the presence of spires structures all over the city. It is rich in its Bohemian history as

the Bohemian kingdom was established in the Czech Republic. There are two famous
squares in the city, which encompass the soul of Bohemian history. Wenceslas
Square has become a symbol of protests and revolutions over the course of time.
People gather here to celebrate the moments of great significance in human history. Old
Town Man Square is the other popular square highlighting the Bohemian traditions of
the city. The city is rich in Bohemian Rhapsody. The bohemian style architecture is also a
hallmark of the city’s design and buildings.
We relished the peace and tranquility of the city for a week before we continued our
journey to other historical cities around the world.

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