The Top 3 Montenegro Attractions You Must See

Montenegro view

There are many great attractions to see on your trip to Montenegro. But the question is, which ones are on the top of the list. There’s something to do for everyone; that is what makes Montenegro unique. If you are a nature lover, you’ll admire Lake Skadar. If you are a history and architecture lover, the old towns and museums are there. And if you love activities, you’ll want to discover canyoning, stand up paddleboarding, rafting or kayaking.

Here are the top 3 activities to do in Montenegro as suggested by Always Preferred Restoration, a carpet cleaning company in Missoula Montana.


It is one of Montenegro’s most popular tourist attractions. If you are going to see just one thing in Montenegro, it must be Kotor. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. This town was built in 168 BC and it belongs to the ancient Romans. Its walls are fortified.
The place contains churches, palaces, souvenir shops and eateries in a very unique mixture.

Walk the old fortress walls up the mountain behind the town; it is one of the most popular activities in Montenegro. Get a camera with you because the views are spectacular.


It is the most popular tourist resort in Montenegro. The main attraction there is Budva’s old town. It is one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic coast. There are a citadel and a museum inside the old town too where you can explore many works of art and the history of the city.
Also, if you like odd things, there is an interesting market selling them. You will find things like Yugoslav army helmets and old coins.
The rest of the old town consists of shops and restaurants.

Outside the old town, you will find the beach in front of you or you can take the path around the head to Mogren beach.

Sveti Stefan:

This is a tiny islet and a former town that is connected to the mainland through a small land bridge. In the past, it was a small town but recently it was turned into a hotel and it became the top favorite spot for Hollywood stars and royalty. Maria Sharapova and Novak Djokovic said that this place is their favorite spot and many stars have great pictures there.

It’s an amazing spot and among the top tourist attraction that you must see in Montenegro. The most popular place to take pictures of it is from a lookout point on the main road above.

The Conclusion:

It is a unique experience. Montenegro is not a so popular tourist destination despite the fact that it is rich in places to visit. Make it your next destination and I’m sure that you will enjoy your time.

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