The High Sky Rise Adventures of Chicago Travel

Chicago high rise

Our adventure club made a Chicago travel plan during our summer holidays this year as part of our ambitious goal to visit the modern cities around the World. We arrived in the city in the 1st week of July and we got the services of a travel guide in order to explore the ins and outs of this marvelous city. Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States located on Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois. Chicago is iconic for its bold architecture and the presence of skyscrapers at almost every turn, which indicates the huge interest of the business community in this city. Our Chicago Travel guide decided to take us to some of the popular and high-end restaurants, holiday resorts, museums, monuments, and iconic spots during the time of our stay.

Restaurants to Visit during Chicago Travel

Every year hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world flock the city in order to reap the excitement of downtown Chicago Travel. The city is home to restaurants of diverse tastes, foods, and cuisines. It is also considered a gourmet-dining epicenter. You can find a restaurant of your taste and theme without having much trouble finding it during your Chicago Travel. During our Chicago travel, we relished ourselves at the Chicago themed restaurants with deep-dish pizza and Chicago themed hot-dog. Travelers can get the services of a suitable guide to dine at the best restaurants of their taste.

Exploring the adventures of the Skyline City  

Our guide was well versed with the iconic and historical places. We thoroughly enjoyed the high sky rise adventures in the city. Willis Tower is the second largest building in the United States having 110-story office space. It is a perfect epitome of the business atmosphere that has become the signature of the city in recent decades.  During our Chicago travel, we visited the Navy Pier building, which shrouds top restaurants and shopping centers. It attracts large carnival crowds during different seasons.

Finding Nature in the Commercial lines of Chicago

Shedd Aquarium is one of the most popular aquariums all over the world. Located at the bay of Lake Michigan, it is famous for its indoor state of the art infrastructure. The habitat of the aquarium is also heterogeneous conforming to the taste of people of diverse cultures.

If you wanted to enjoy the impeccable shopping experience offered by the city, you could visit the Magnificent Mile, which is the world-famous commercial district of the city. It is always bustling with shoppers and a variety of brands providing a luxury shopping experience.

There are numerous parks in the city, which provide travelers an escape from the fast-paced life of the city. During our stay in the city, we visited Grant Park and Millennium Park, located in different parts of the city. This provides a unique experience to visitors. Wicker Park is one of the oldest parks in the city while Maggie Daley Park is a popular winter-themed resort.

Art and Cultural traditions of Chicago

Chicago is home to the world’s best art and cultural centers. We visited the art institute of Chicago during our Chicago Travel, which specializes in books, décor, and jewelry related to art and design. Chicago Cultural Center is the city’s traditional building, opened in the year 1897. Our visit to all these places filled our hearts with awe. Only very few cities provide the complete travel experience and adventure as was provided by the City of Chicago.

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