4 Things to Do in Libreville, Gabon

Libreville, Gabon

There are a number of exciting things to do in Libreville. From historical sites to cultural attractions, you will be able to explore the exhaustive list of all other local attractions in Libreville. Some have called it ‘the last Eden on Earth,’ and once you’ve visited, you will agree.
Leave the capital city, which is actually the only real city in Gabon, and you’ll find yourself in a vast and largely undiscovered paradise. White sandy beaches, dense jungle, raging rivers, and pristine landscapes.

In 2003, ten percent of the country was dedicated as protected land and 13 national parks were created to conserve this last Eden.
Here are the top 4 things to do in Libreville, Gabon.

1. L’Odika:

This lovely colonial-style veranda restaurant in the heart of the Quartier Louis is very attractive. You’ll find tempting dishes such as beef ndolé (a Cameroonian dish with peanuts, spices and ndolé bitter leaves) and Colombo du porc (lightly spiced Mauritian pork dish). Or seafood brochettes with odika (crushed acacia seed, ‘chocolate’) sauce. Polished timber floors, fresh flowers and local art on the walls complete the picture.

2. Notre-dame de Lourdes:

Situated on a hill above the town, Notre-dame de Lourdes serves as a favorite place of worship for local Catholics, as well as tourists. As you approach the entrance, notice the hand-painted blue and white facade, reminiscent of traditional Portuguese painted tiles. The interior is simpler than the exterior. The clean, peaceful church extends a warm welcome for mass or simply to pause and reflect.

3. Akanda National Park:

Akanda National Park is one of 13 National Parks in Gabon. It was set up in 2002 by President Omar Bongo after a two-year study by the DFC, WCS, and WWF. The 13 national parks are designed to represent the biodiversity of the country and encourage tourism. Akanda National Park is located in the northeast of the country, near Libreville, with coastline along the Monday and Corisco bays. The national park is composed chiefly of mangrove and tidal beach habitats. Gabon has only 2.5% of the total mangrove swamp in Africa, but Akanda together with the nearby Pongara National Park comprises 25% of the total protected mangrove in the continent. They play an important role in the ecosystem and help stabilize the coastline around Libreville.

4. Pointe-Denis Beach:

One of the country’s major breeding grounds for leatherback turtles is Pointe-Denis Beach. This is also a popular vacation destination featuring a long stretch of white sand. Gently sloping into the ocean and with dense vegetation and palm trees in the background, the beach provides an ideal setting for a leisurely stroll, a run, or a family picnic. In addition to swimming and snorkeling, you can also take a whale-spotting boat tour from here. Several eateries and bungalows provide food and services.


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