Traveling to Japan? Know this about their public transport

When you are traveling to other countries, there is always one thing that you are worried about. Public transport. Is this safe, or should you make use of alternative transport to get to places? Most tourists are wondering about the public transport of Japan.

This is because of the number of locals there is, and the number of tourists that you can also find there. With this guide, you will know as much as possible about the public transport of Japan.


If you are going from city to city, one of the options that you have is the train. If you think about trains, most people might be worried about their safety.

However, this isn’t going to happen when you are traveling to Japan. Their trains that are running from town to town is relatively safe. There might be some people that might wonder about the number of people that are making use of these trains. But, this isn’t a problem because their trains are designed for a huge amount of people at a time.

Japanese subway

No, the subway and the trains are two different things. The subway is going underground through the major cities. This gets people from one part of the city to other parts of the city.

This is the best option if you are considering traveling around in the larger cities. This is also a safe and much cheaper option like hiring a private taxi. And, if you are smart, you might even save more money, by doing one secret thing. Getting the JR pass for riding the subway.

The bus options

There are different bus options that you can consider taking as well. This isn’t as fast as taking the subway, but this is cheaper and you will get to see more of the city. There are different bus stops throughout the city, so you won’t need to worry about getting to point A.

Tips for when you are choosing public transport in Japan

You need to make sure that you are considering these tips when you are going to Japan. The cheapest option is to take the bus, but with the JR pass, you will also save money on the subway. The JR pass is something that tourists can get to travel cheaper through Japan. However, you need to show them your passport and your visa before you can get your JR pass.

When you are traveling to Japan, you might be wondering about how you are going to get around in the big cities, or how you can go from city to city, without any problems. With all this mentioned information about Japan’s transportation, you will know everything there is to know to travel safely and as cheap as possible.

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