Visiting Alberobello, Italy

Visiting Alberobello Italy

If you are looking what to do in Alberobello, Italy, you at the right place. If you are thinking about whether you should visit this city or not, you can make your mind now and prepare yourself to visit this unique place.

Here are some points that will help you to make your decision properly.

The Trulli:

Everyone who visits Alberobello Italy enjoys The Trulli and mentions it all the time after the visit. It is an iconic feature of the city. The curious conical-roofed whitewashed structures, clustered in pockets of Puglia like wild fungi will give you peace. It is considered among the most peaceful destinations in the whole Italy and may be in the whole world.

The population of the town is about 10,000 people and the rest are tourists. The city, especially the trulli, is kind of overcrowded.
The place will absorb you completely and make you forget about the people surrounding you.

There is no other place like the trulli-lined streets in the whole world.

The Rione Monti Quarter:

When you reach the centre of the town, you will find it obvious where to go. Your first destination will be the Rione Monti quarter located in The Trulli zone. Up the hill, you will find some unique buildings in their style.

The gift shops are everywhere and they are incredibly pretty. Walking among The Trulli will make you feel like a giant even if you have a short stature.

Don’t make plans. It is about wandering around and discovering the town. Have a camera and take pictures because the place makes everyone photogenic.

Notice that the shop owners are sitting and standing in front of their shops tempting you to come inside and buy something. The prices are not high and you will get the chance to see these building from inside.

The economy of the city depends entirely on tourism. If you liked something, don’t hesitate to buy it.

The Rione Aia Piccola District:

If you want to feel the atmosphere of what it means to really live among The Trulli, visit the Rione Aia Piccola District. It is not as common as the Rione Monti Quarter because it has less than 500 trulli but some visitors enjoy their best times there. There, you will get a glimpse about the lives of the local people of the town.

The old people there are friendly and love tourists.

Other Places of Interest

1. The only place that has two floors in the whole town is Trullo Sovrano. It is a small museum now.
2. Sant’Antonio Church style is unique and warm.
3. Casa d’amore has a historical significance because it was built by Francesco d’Amore who fought against the tyranny of Acquaviva family.

The Conclusion:

It is a peaceful place. If you want a great place for a quit trip, Alberobello Italy should be your destination. Visiting Japan is another suggestion for a great vacation idea.


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